Art Group

The group,as in previous years, is concerned with drawing and painting and the skills required for success therein. Hitherto we have placed major emphasis – and this continues – on drawing, especially with beginners. Drawing is still regarded by all artists worthy of the name, as the basis for all good art, and as an essential tool in creating a successful work. A drawing can be a work of art in itself, and often is, and it can include the use of colour. All this sounds a bit pompous, but in plain language, we are interested in drawing and the use of colour to represent or render, the appearance of the thing in front of us, be it an everyday object, a plant, still life group, portrait, landscape, and so on. With this experience students can and often do, produce work of some ambition – see the results in the art section of the Gartocharn Flower show over the last few years.

In more recent years increasing numbers in the group have been bringing in work done at home or on holiday and enjoying the susequent group discussion, with benefits for all. Many of the works produced in this way are commissions from friends and others, while scale seems no impediment.

Raw beginners, who may not have drawn or painted since their school days, are as welcome as those with more extended experience. All that is required is enthusiasm. This enthusiasm has produced in the past, from the group, the ability to win prizes in the aforementioned show and we hope to continue this tradition!

We still meet on Tuesdays evenings from 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm. There is no fee other than the cost of renting part of the upper floor of the hall.

Anyone interested in joining us should turn up at the Millennium Hall on any Tuesday (summer months of May, June, July, August are excepted) or phone 01389 830313 for more details.