Role of the Council within the Community

In 1973 Community Councils were set up by an Act of Parliament to carry out the following activities:

  • Find out the views of their community
  • Co-ordinate and express these views to the local and public authorities
  • Act in the interests of their community

In order to do this Community Councils need to:

  • Be proactive and consult the community
  • Encourage community spirit
  • Represent the whole community including the young, disabled, lone parents and the elderly
  • Be familiar with West Dunbartonshire Council and National Park policies
  • Keep the Council informed
  • Be prepared to expand their activities

Community Councils bring local people together to help make things happen. They are run by people in your neighbourhood and ensure that local concerns and issues are reported back to your local authority and other relevant public authorities. Community projects are taken forward by Kilmaronock Community Trust, with whom KCC is in regular liaison.

West Dunbartonshire Council has a Community Council Forum; an umbrella organisation which co-ordinates the views of local Community Councils and offers them the opportunity to meet and discuss matters of common interest. In addition there is the Association of Community Councils for Loch Lomond and the Trossachs (ACCLLT) in which Kilmaronock actively participates.

Local Authorities must consult with Community Councils on planning applications. However, West Dunbartonshire Council also consults with them on a whole range of other issues as a matter of policy. Furthermore, the West Dunbartonshire Community Council Forum has representation on the Council's Community Participation Committee and on the West Dunbartonshire Council Planning Partnership Board.