Eco Committee

We save the environment,
That’s what we do.
We need you to help us,
Then we can save the world too!

This is our Eco Code.  In our school we care very much about the environment.  We have 9 members on our committee from P5 to P7.  We meet regularly with the Head Teacher to work out ways to make  our school a real Eco School.

In the past two years we have worked really really hard and have achieved a lot.  We built a great willow dome, we made a wildflower meadow for the minibeasts, we planted an orchard and even built a fantastic beach in our grounds.  We have done loads of other stuff as well.

We support Kleinbooi School in South Africa by having a Rag Bag collection twice a year.  People give us their old textiles which we can send away to get recycled.  In the past three years we have been able to raise almost £700 to send to Kleinbooi.

We have just been awarded a Green Flag by Eco Schools Scotland and we are very, very proud of that.  This is the very highest award you can get.


We know now that we have to go onwards and upwards.