Kilmaronock Parish Church and Gartocharn Church

The official Service of Linking with the congregation of Renton Trinity Church took place in Gartocharn Church on Wednesday 20 January 2010.

It was agreed that the new times of service for Kilmaronock-Gartocharn would move to 10 am and to 1130 am for Renton Trinity. It has also been agreed by the Linkage Committee that these times would change annually, but could be reviewed if necessary.

Since that time the congregation of Kilmaronock-Gartocharn has been asked, once again, by the Presbytery of Dumbarton, to indicate its preferred place of worship.

Following a vote by the congregation on Sunday 9 May 2010, Presbytery, at its meeting on 8 June 2010, noted that the congregation had voted in favour of retaining Kilmaronock Church, and indicated that Gartocharn Church should be sold, or otherwise disposed of.

For all pastoral care within the Parish contact the Locum Minister, Rev Fred M. Booth, on 01436 831858 or by e-mail

For all other matters contact should be made, in the first instance, with the Interim Moderator,
Rev Ramsay B Shields BA. BD., on 0141 577 9171 or by e-mail

Kilmaronock Church
The Parish of Kilmaronock has been a Christian community since the time of St Kessog in the sixth century. The Parish was already long established when in 1324 King Robert the Bruce transferred the patronage from the Earls of Lennox to the Abbey of Cambuskenneth at Stirling. The present church building at Kilmaronock (shown above left) dates only from 1813, but a screen at the entrance to the nave records the names of the incumbents of the charge from 1325 to the present day.
Gartocharn Church Gartocharn's second church situated within the village is used for services during the winter months.