Kilmaronock Community Trust

Kilmaronock Community Trust (KCT) is a charitable community development trust established to manage community-led projects that have been highlighted in the Kilmaronock Community Action Plan.

KCT are very grateful to the LL&TNPA for the Administration Grant monies of £230 for 2019.

Initially known as Kilmaronock Community Futures Steering Group KCT was formed in 2003 to administer and oversee the various points raised in the first Kilmaronock Action Plan which was published in the same year. In 2006 the Steering Group was formally incorporated and became Kilmaronock Community Trust. The Trust was awarded charitable status in February 2007 (SC037756).

Chair:          Bob Shand    

Treasurer:   Elaine Ellen    

Secretary:   Janet Beveridge 

Directors:  ​  Steve Macken, Mary Sweetland.


The Trust are always looking for people to volunteer as Directors. If you are interested please contact any Director for details.

For more information about KCT, or to contact a Director, please e-mail or see the sub-menus to find out more about the activities of the Trust.