B Flats – Gartocharn's Own Special Singing Group!

For almost twenty years, Kilmaronock Millennium Hall has been alive with the sound of music from this active singing fellowship of singers. Their distinctive blend of classical and popular music has won the hearts of audiences in various parts  of the National Park area. Over the years, the singing has been interspersed by some memorable comedy sketches  which proved to be popular with many members of the audiences.

The singing group was formed  in 1997 by Robin Barr, but it was not until 2001 that The B Flats produced their very first concert – Cafe Chantant. At that time, our numbers were quite limited, but the audience enjoyed the evening and for the first time, we were able to donate £900 to CHAS. This has become a way of life for  the B Flats. To date they have raised the princely sum of £26.880!

During the intervening years, Robin led us in many concerts, often providing  many arrangements for  four-part voices, especially to suit our voices. In 2014, he expressed a desire to step down as conductor. The baton was handed to Linsey Campbell, with Rosalind MacGowan remaining as our very accomplished accompanist. The present situation is that Rosalind is acting as Interim Conductor, with her friend, Helen Barclay, standing in as yet another very accomplished accompanist!

Robin, in recognition of his sterling work as choir master/music arranger over the years, was installed as Honorary President in 2014. He continues to be part  of the choir whenever he is not in residence in Orkney! Helen Glasgow continues with her sterling work as Librarian, as does Linda More, who is our very able Treasurer.

The numbers have grown steadily over the years and at the moment we have 30 members! For this reason, we no longer hold our rehearsals in each others'  houses. Instead, we meet in Kilmaronock Millennium Hall on Thursday evenings.

Membership  is open, without  audition, to all who live in and around the National Park. This provides an opportunity for those who like to sing but do not have a musical background. However, we do have a mixture of professional musicians and enthusiastic amateur singers in the group!

As previously stated, the group meets every Thursday, in Kilmaronock Millennium Hall from 8.00pm until l0.00pm.

For more information please contact the Secretary, Sheena Brennan, on 01389 753086.